Review of Higgins James V MD by Steve Stenford

07/22/2016 1:24 am

Higgins James V MD in Lubbock

I wanted to let you know that it was breathtaking! Superior service with good people. Had been a repeat customer for few years, and were quite satisfied with their super service. In fact, I do not write reviews. However, I wanted to share my experience and provide opinion Higgins James V MD. Higgins James V MD is large company. Different businesses give various prices, but their price are always affordable. Absolutely, they make my job so much easier! Excellent customer service and quality product. They're the real deal! Highly recommended and prices are so affordable compared to other companies. Very pleased in all points. I was very impressed with the efficiency and gorgeous customer service. They have made me become a devoted customer and I assuredly will be continuing to use their services. Additionally, the service was one of the best places to work at last year. Seems like you're dealing with people who actually know how to do business, and I'm duly impressed. Made my life better. I think this is enough said!